Welcome to my portfolio!

On this page you will find print advertisements, social media posts, photographs, videos, writing samples, etc. I have had a hand in creating everything you view here; either for work or school.


Marketplace Simulation

In the 21st Century Marketing for ROI class that I am currently taking, we are using a marketplace simulation to create a bicycle company. We are working in groups of 3 to make decisions such as markets to enter, brand creation, ad creation, pricing, forecasting, etc. All of these decisions affect our market share, brand judgement, and profitability. At the end of Q4/Year 1 we had to write a marketing plan that gave an update on how our business did in Year 1, as well as a tactical plan for Year 2.

Consulting Project: JW Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai, India

One of the degree requirements to receive an MBA at College of Charleston is to complete a consulting project and weeklong study abroad. Each semester we were placed in “learning teams” that work on every class project together, and during the spring semester each learning team had to complete a consulting project that was presented to their company during the trip abroad. My team was given the honor of doing a consulting project for JW Marriott in Juhu, Mumbai, India. JW Marriott gave us the task of creating a plan to increase foot traffic in the hotel’s restaurants through best international practices and digital marketing. We presented our plan while we were in Mumbai at the end of April 2019.

Market Research Project

This project was for the Marketing Research/Analysis course that I took as a part of my MBA course load. Two other classmates and I worked with College of Charleston’s Athletic Department to improve fan engagement and ticket sales at men’s basketball games. We created a survey in Qualtrics that was sent out to current students, faculty, staff, alumni, season ticket holders, and other attendees in order to get a better understanding of the types and levels of engagements that attendees enjoy, want to see improved, and would like to see during the 2019-2020 season. Those types of engagement included: concession prices and choices, giveaways, halftime entertainment, corporate sponsorships, quality of facility, etc. After we received the results, we used SPSS and Qualtrics to analyze the data. In SPSS we created cross tabs, segmented survey takers based on usage, ran various t-tests and one way ANOVA, etc. We used Qualtrics to look at demographics and frequency data. After analyzing the data, we wrote a report that included suggestions for improving engagement.

Social Media For Gold Creations

I was a part of the team that created content and managed Gold Creations' social media accounts. New content was published to Instagram and then pushed to Facebook and Twitter. These posts generated a variety of customer interactions, including inquiries about products, therefore creating a level of customer relations that must be maintained daily.

Print Advertisements for Gold Creations

Gold Creations advertises in Charleston Magazine, Charleston Style & Design Magazine, and in the Charleston Visitors Bureau guide. On a yearly basis the company has 12 different ads in Charleston Magazine, 4 different ads in Charleston Style & Design, and one ad in the visitors guide. I was a part of the team that developed the creative strategy for the advertisements.

The process for creating each print ad:

  1. Choose the products for each ad, depending on popularity, seasonality, new products, etc.

  2. Take photographs of the products, either in Lightbox or around Charleston

  3. Create the layout and verbiage of the advertisement

Charleston Magazine April 2018

Charleston Magazine May 2018

Charleston Magazine June 2018

Charleston Magazine July 2018

Charleston Magazine August 2018

Charleston Magazine September 2018

Charleston Magazine November 2018

Charleston Magazine January 2019


Gold Creations was proudly part of a photoshoot and video shoot for the spring clothing line of The Tiny Tassel, a local business in Charleston. I styled the rings that the models are wearing and gave direction for product shots of the rings. 


Trouvé Magazine Articles

Below are links to two articles that I wrote for Trouvé Magazine in the summer of 2016. 

Creativity Found In Failure

Creativity Found In Summer


This is a Twitterbot that I created for Activist Rhetoric, a class I took at Clemson University in the spring of 2016. I used different phrases about beauty from web articles for the content of the Tweets. The purpose of the bot is to show how distorted our view on beauty has become through the random generation of the phrases. 

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