Nous Sommes Unis

This video is quite possibly my favorite project that I have ever done. It was my final project for Writing for Electronic Media, a class I took in the fall of 2015. The video is a comment on how social media brings people together, despite borders, in a time of crisis. As you can probably already tell, Paris is my favorite place in this world, and the terrorist attacks on 13 November 2015 devastated the world. Using Adobe Premeire, I took screenshots of posts from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and paired them with J'ai Deux Amours by Madeleine Peyroux to create my argument.

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CD Jacket Cover

This is a project that I did for the Visual Communication course at Clemson University. I used Adobe Photoshop to create the image.

Photos: Europe Edition

These are a few of my favorite pictures that I took while in Europe. It was hard to select my favorites, but here they are!