Erin Young

I am currently a student at College of Charleston working towards receiving a Master of Business Administration degree with a focus in marketing.

Before returning to school I was the Merchandising Assistant at Gold Creations. In that position I did buying and marketing for the company. In May of 2017, I graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, with an emphasis in writing and publication studies, and double minors in business administration and communication studies. While at Clemson, I fulfilled my two biggest dreams of studying abroad in Paris, France, and working for The Walt Disney Company.

I am passionate about creating marketing content that brings together a brand and its consumers on a personal level. I believe that consumers want to use brands that understand who they are as people, not just as consumers, and that companies should strive to create a connection with their consumers that goes beyond a typical revenue-driven relationship.

I love croissants, pugs, and grammar (I am a big fan of the Oxford Comma). I am always searching for my next great adventure, and also for the best pain au chocolat that America has to offer.